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Structural osteopathy

Structural osteopathy is a “hands-on” manual therapy, which aims to improve health by enabling optimal mobility of all connective tissues in the body. By removing physical blocks, treatment stimulates the body’s natural ability for self-healing.

Structural osteopathy uses many of the diagnostic procedures involved in modern day conventional medical assessment and diagnosis.

The strength of osteopathy is in the unique way the patient is assessed holistically from a mechanical, functional and postural standpoint.

Treatment is aimed at improving mobility and/or reducing inflammation by using gentle manual osteopathic techniques on joints, muscles and ligaments. This is achieved by using spinal release techniques, joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage and traction therapy.


Patients generally find gentle manipulation pleasant and relaxing. Occasionally, short lived reactions to treatment occur as the body strives to return to good health; these can include fatigue, nausea or exacerbation of symptoms and may last 24-48hrs after treatment.

Age is no barrier to osteopathy since each patient is assessed individually and treatment is specific to each person.

Structural Osteopathic Treatment

Structural osteopathy helps a wide range of painful conditions, including general aches during pregnancy, joint pains, back pain, arthritis and minor sports injuries.

About 80% of our patients present to us with back and/or neck pain with or without radicular pain patterns (symptoms in arms or legs).

Structural osteopathy is effective for a whole range of joint and muscle dysfunctions.

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