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Case Histories

Outlined below are a selection of patients we have treated. Their real names are not given, but their presenting problems and symptoms are true. We hope these case histories provide a better idea of the variety of physical problems we see in clinic.

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Acute Low back pain – 15 years old

Abigail was referred by another local osteopath after mechanical treatment had aggravated her low back pain. She was a budding dancer with exams and competitions ahead.

Using cranial osteopathy to untangle the stress pattern within her low back and restore a balanced movement, she has been able to continue dancing to a high level.

She has recently been helped through an episode of post viral fatigue syndrome and is about to sit her GCSE exams.

Acute low back pain – 27 years old

Sven is 27 years old, has a fairly arched lumbar and a curved thoracic spine – making him round shouldered. Most of the time the spine has enough flexibility to prevent this anomaly becoming a problem. Recently, Sven suffered a strain in his low back at the gym, causing his low back muscles to tighten and further to exaggerate the curves in his lumbar and thoracic spine. This muscular tightening resulted in excessive loading of the spinal joints, causing pain.

Structural osteopathic treatment of soft tissue massage, joint articulation and manipulation helped to relax these over tight muscles and improve the alignment in his spine, correcting his posture. Exercise and pain management advice kept Sven out of pain and safely exercising in the gym.

Shoulder pain – 40 years old

Kieran is a 40 year old self-employed painter and decorator. He presented to us complaining of upper back and right shoulder pain that was affecting his work. Examination showed that restriction in the upper back, neck and shoulder joints were preventing a full range of movement and making tasks such as painting ceilings very difficult and painful.

Structural treatment aimed to improve joint movement through traction, articulation and manipulation of the shoulder, neck and upper back as well as soft tissue massage to relax the supporting muscles. Exercise advice and pain management helped to maintain treatment benefit outside the clinic. Kieran’s symptoms improved within 2 treatments, getting him back to work with minimal pain.

Osteoarthritis – 73 years old

Hillary is an active 73 year old. Having enjoyed bowling for many years, she developed low back, buttock and hip pain last year. An examination of these areas showed that there was considerable osteoarthritic change (wear and tear arthritis) mostly in the low back, making her very stiff. For a while Hillary thought she would just have to live with the pain and conceded only to play on good days.

Treatment focused on techniques of traction to decompress and lubricate these joints and soft tissue massage to encourage some elasticity back to sore muscles. Over the next four treatments she realised that her symptoms had been present for much longer than originally assumed, as she felt much better than she had done for years. Hillary now receives maintenance treatment to keep her loose and to continue bowling.

Nerve pain – 62 years old

Simon, an IT manager, was suffering with neck and shoulder pain which radiated into his arm and hand. On examination, Simon had power loss in his arm and considerable restriction of movement in his neck.

Pain and medication advice, along with gentle traction techniques, reduced the pain into the arm and manipulation of the upper back improved movement to the neck. After three treatment sessions, Simon felt his symptoms reducing, but arm pain residing.

A letter of referral provided an MRI consultation. MRI imaging suggested that a prolapse disc was irritating the nerve exiting the spine. This did not require surgical intervention. Continued treatment to decompress the joints of the neck and mobilise the upper back resolved his symptoms entirely.

Migraines for several years

Linda was recommended to see us by a colleague at work. She had been complaining of migraines for many years and was finding that she had to have several ‘sick days’ away from her office job. She also had a stiff low back.

She had tried other manipulative therapies and found that they made things worse. She had some medication from her GP which helped if she ‘caught it early enough’.

On examination, it appeared that the membranes which drive the cranial system in health were restricted and the mechanism was struggling to provide a good response to everyday stresses. It was using much energy to maintain its function and its restriction was inhibiting the free exchange of fluids; explaining her migraines and low back symptoms.

Linda has come for treatment every month for some years now and is pretty much symptom free.

She is happy to have a maintenance plan as an effective form of preventive therapy – keeping her working and living life to the full.


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